What we Offer

Port Agency Services

We are strategically located to assist you with all your yachting needs!

yacht repair & maintenance

An Effective Management of Repairs and Maintenances and Modifications lies at the center of our service.

bunkering & yacht supplies

We offer reliable high quality bunkering and yacht supplies, from personal yachts to mega-yachts. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

yacht management & Administrative services

We assist our clients owning yachts in a seamless process and maintain and managed them in the tropical Maldives with maximum care. Our Clients can enjoy the advantages of yacht ownership without the day-to-day involvement and maintenance concerns.

tourist services

When talked about yachts in the Maldives, it is more to do with vacationing and excursions in its beautiful islands. Yachting, combining beaches and in the blue lagoons of the Maldives have been the most sought after dream for millions all over the world. We are there to color your dreams through our strategic partnership with PREMIER HOLIDAY.


HANEEN YACHT provides Yacht Management and Agency Services to those wishing to have their Yachts positioned in the beautiful Maldives islands. Our team of industry professionals ensure the yacht owners the integrity and excellence in providing owners with the highest level care and protection. An owner of a Superyacht and Personal Yachts are assured that they are in good hands and that all your requirements are met.


We are an efficient workforce with very integrity driven professionals who have vast experience in the field. Our services are individually tailored to be practical and beneficial to the safe operation of each client yacht. We are reachable round the clock through our hotline phone number +960 7936873.


We are specialized to offer the following specialist services:

Customs Clearance.
Provisions Supplies.
Repairs and Maintenace.
Shipping & Freight forwarding.
24 Hrs concierge service & support.
Additional security services.
Flight & hotel bookings.

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